The Ancient Greeks in Spanish
By Deborah at 7:15 pm on February 20, 2013


Once again.. its been a while since I updated this blog. It’s nearly the end of February, and I’m counting down the days til I’m off to New Zealand to see my favourite man :) But for now, I still have three weeks of work left to do and one of the big things coming up is teaching my first class in the History of Costume on Monday night. The topic is the Ancient Greeks – something I haven’t really studied much as at uni we were contained mainly to costume of the 20th century, and a few projects dabbled in the 17-18th centuries but that’s about as far back as we got. I have been researching the time and the different costumes and cultures, and its proving to be incredibly interesting.

One of my favourite things about costume design and in particular the design for theatre set in a different time period is doing all the research necessary to understand more about that time period and the culture of the people and how those people lived. But its also more of a study, uncovering little pieces of information here and there that fit together to make a bigger picture of the lives of the people you are trying to represent. It’s just fascinating to me, and actually I find the research and development of the ideas and designs a lot more exciting than seeing it all come to life on the stage! I probably shouldn’t publicise that fact, as a designer.. it kind of defeats the object of my work. But its true, there is a lot more to designing than just putting the women in dresses and the men in trousers (or vice versa if you’re designing a production of Twelfth Night) and hoping that it looks pretty. It’s a case of recreating world within the stage that transports the audience to that time period and makes them believe that they too could step into that story and run away with the heroine or set sail with the hero.. It’s playing games with the mind and imaginations of the people watching and that is why I find it so fascinating!

I think that the designer of a production holds a lot more power than they let others believe. A simple trick or two can affect the way the viewer sees or understands a nuance of the direction or sway them more towards one character or another. This is really apparent in Greek theatre, which is why it is prompting me to think more on the subject. For example, in Greek theatre, because of the distance between actors and audience in the great amphitheatres the costumes were very exaggerated. Colours became a representation of gender, status and age. You knew that the character on stage was a woman because she was wearing a yellow tunic. Even though the actor playing ‘her’ would have been a man, no women be allowed to act on stage. If a man wearing purple entered, you immediately knew that that man was very rich and important, and if he had golden tassles on his costume it meant he was a God of some kind. Interesting, huh? The masks that have come to represent the performing arts are also a memento from this era. They can look very grotesque, but used correctly portrayed the correct genders or emotions to the audience who were really too far away to be able to see the expressions on the actors faces.

I am looking forward to introducing this topic to the acting class on Monday. I think it’s really great that an acting class is being given classes in the history of theatre and costume because it actually widens their view of the whole aspect of theatre, not just their part in it. The biggest challenge for me is going to be communicating all the excitement and passion I feel for this subject in Spanish, a language that I am definitely not fluent in! However, the class being adults, some of them have a grasp of English so hopefully together we’ll be able to understand! We are going to practise creating ‘Chitons’ which are the Greek equivalent of the toga. I’m looking forward to encouraging their creativity and seeing how they react to wearing something so very unlike our clothing today. I wonder if they will stand taller…

Apart from the class, I am also looking forward to starting designing costumes and set for our summer camp musical in June. Theme as yet to be decided, but I hope to start that after Easter! :)


Happy New Year!
By Deborah at 4:52 pm on January 12, 2013

Happy 2013! It’s back to Madrid for me, after a relaxing 2 and a half weeks back in the UK, seeing lots of family, recovering from a stressful term and fully enjoying eating food I didn’t have to cook. Before I left Spain, we had a busy last few weeks sorting out the Christmas recitals at the school, hosting open dance rehearsals, and buying presents! It was great to experience the run up to Christmas in another country, especially one that has been hit by crisis. It was good to see the festivities were still joyful, and to see all the beautiful lights up in the different parts of the city. I especially enjoyed visiting an artesan market in Plaza de Espana the weekend before I left with a couple of friends. So many stalls selling really unique and cleverly crafted pieces. I obviously enjoyed it from an artists point of view too, and its good to see there are crafters here in Spain. It seems like there aren’t, being a massive lack of craft shops here in the city! Maybe thats a niche I need to fill…?

Back to school now though, and starting my count down towards 2 weeks in New Zealand in March – I can’t wait! Another 9 weeks before that though. I am currently looking for work back in the UK, and obviously trying to do some more creative stuff over here. I am working on more posters for the school, and looking to do some more designing, I miss that!

Interestingly, I went out for Chocolate and Churros the other day with some friends (anyone unfamiliar with this needs to come and visit me pronto!) and we were talking about dreams for the future, and pondering the question ‘what would you do if you could go anywhere in the world and do anything, money and training no object’? Which led to some interesting discussions, but reminded me of an ambition I have always had to travel the world and learn the traditional crafts from each culture and people group of as many countries as possible. I would love to learn as many of these as possible, and have a great interest in the ways many people are now helping 3rd world countries with iniatives such as Fair Trade and sustainable shopping. My friend mentioned a Canadian shop called which sources and sells crafts from all over the world to help the artists back home to live better lives. I would love to work with these kind of iniatives because I can see how important the artists work is, and how we are likely to lose a lot of these unique skills soon if we don’t do something to help.

Art is so important to today’s society, and even though many people see it as a waste of time and money, design is so essential to everyday life that we should have more respect for it. After all, if our ancestors weren’t fantastic painters, I’m sure we’d have a lot less historical evidence than we do!

Anyway, back to work for me. Lessons to plan, bridesmaid dresses to design. The bonus is that today was the first time I’ve been outside and not felt cold for a very long time,  I couldn’t even see my breath in the air! Could it be that… dare I say it? Spring is on the way?


Winter in Madrid
By Deborah at 10:00 pm on November 9, 2012

So November arrived… as did the 10 degree average temperatures! It’s such a disappointment when you live in a country like Spain, expecting it to be hot and sunny all year round….and then you get to winter and find out that its pretty much the same weather as England with perhaps a little more sun and less rain and snow!


But back to business. Since I last updated this, I have had the pleasure of a lovely visit from my fiancé, Matt. We managed to get out and see lots of the touristy sights in Madrid, as well as taking a day trip out to Segovia, a beautiful old Roman city 55km north of the capital. Although I am not currently working on any particular design projects, I always keep an eye on the world around me and took a lot of photos of Segovia which may well crop up in a set design some day!

Now its back to reality and work. I’ve been busy designing more posters, especially those which will be printed as vinyl and stuck along the front boards on the outside of the school, which is a lot of work! We are also just starting to plan the summer kids camp for the school, which is very exciting! Along with another member of the team at the school, I will be sharing the organisation and coordination of the 2 camps, which will run through the month of July 2013. In Spain, as in other countries in Europe and America, the moment the kids are finished school they are sent off to day or residential camps, normally during the month of July in Spain because the parents are still at work. They are normally orientated around arts, sport or some other educational activity. Our camps are aimed at kids between 4-14 yrs old, and are 2 weeks each, involving music, dance, crafts and singing, culminating in the production of a musical for the parents to come and watch. It should be good fun, but there is alot of planning to be done beforehand, including recruiting volunteers to help out, planning the theme and activities, writing the script and hopefully I will be designing costumes for the kids to make and set ideas too! So there is lots to do in the next few months. I’ve also been practicing my pilates skills, which is always fun!

Its also been interesting speaking to the Spanish people about the current situations with the unrest and economic crisis. Spanish people seem to like to grumble and complain alot about everything! But they seem to have reason to this time, with jobs becoming very scarce, metro strikes frequent and everywhere you look shops are closing down. Some people say there are worries of another civil war, which is a scary prospect. There is also unrest because of the Basque country (North Spain) continuing to seek independance and worries of what that will bring… It’s so interesting to study the mindset of the people around me, and very good for character studies for theatrical purposes! But I do feel alot of pain and hurt for these people, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are in the UK with the stability we do have.

Yesterday was another bank holiday and today is Saturday which means a restful day for me! And by restful…. I mean I don’t have to leave my flat, but I do still have to do lesson plans and work! Never mind, its only……6 weeks and 3 days til Christmas! Hooray!



Cosi Fan Tutte and other things…
By Deborah at 2:35 pm on October 12, 2012

Hello there!

Its been a few weeks since I last wrote on here, and a lot has happened since. I spent the past two weeks back in Bournemouth (hooray to seeing friends and loved ones! Boo to rain and coat wearing!) basically finishing off the last of my university related projects. For my final project of my degree, I designed the set and costumes for Cosi Fan Tutte an opera by Mozart, being produced by Dorset Corset Theatre Company. It was the first time I had been solo designer in charge of such a large project and it was a bit daunting but great fun at the same time. I finished off all the designing before I came out to Spain, and so the past couple of weeks I was back, working in the theatre (Shelley Theatre Boscombe painting and building the set, dressing the set and the lobby and sourcing props, set and costume items in the locality. It was a strange feeling, being the consultant on costumes and set, especially as I am not used to people asking what I want and that being the definitive answer!! But it was a good time working with other professionals and a very steep learning curve on working with a small scale theatre company. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and found myself slightly out of my depth especially when I was painting the set as I’m not a trained scenic artist! However, it was a beneficial opportunity to try all the new skills myself.

I enjoyed working on the production, especially dressing the set exactly as I had imagined it when I designed it all those months ago. The costumes looked fab thanks to the making skills of and Caroline Hall, and supervising of Lois Sargent, whom I had previously worked on Dick Whittington with. She was the assistant supervisor and I was the design assistant that time so it was great to see us both take a step up and work together again as a designer/supervisor team!

Here are a couple of my working photos from the dress rehearsal, I hope to get professional ones through soon! The show is on tonight and tomorrow night so get along and see it if you are in the Bournemouth area!

I am now back in Madrid, the weather is getting colder sadly but its good to be back and settle into a routine, especially as I will be starting teaching my english classes next week, and developing theatre lessons! I’m looking forward to it! I have also started pilates twice a week which is causing many aches but apparently doing me some good! I have also been making lots more posters and looking into doing some set design for an English speaking theatre group’s pantomime, a Christmas Carol :) all very exciting!


Buenos Dias Madrid!
By Deborah at 3:10 pm on September 7, 2012

Time to update the blog a little bit I think! So I have been out here in Madrid for over two weeks now. I am slowly acclimatising to the heat, although as it is now September we are over the worst of it and its just a steady 30 degrees now… which is good… apparently. I have been into the school where I am working,( ) quite a few times now, and am well acquainted with the team, the buildings… and the cleaning! As part of my role, I have to undertake cleaning the school fully 3 times a week. Which I wasn’t massively happy about to start with, but now quite enjoy as it is very relaxing! It also gives me the opportunity to serve the school and get stuck in with all areas. Our schedules were finalised on Wednesday, and I now have a timetable which should help me to settle in better. I mainly have meetings every morning, from 9.30/10am to 11.30am. And then cleaning, or reception duties etc. The meetings in the morning vary from team meetings (as the school is run by volunteers) , work meetings and alternate week discussion groups. I have also been assigned my roles, and so from now on, I will be in charge of all the design aspects, including flyers, posters and decoration, and the publicity of the school. I am also in charge of binding folders (as this is something I have lots of experience in from binding countless sketchbooks at AUCB!) The rest of my time will be spent either taking dance classes (current choices being Pilates, Ballroom and maybe Hip Hop/Zumba) and assisting with the general day to day running of the school.

We are also talking about the possibility of me teaching a beginners introduction to the history of costume class, which will run twice a month. I am slightly nervous about the prospect as the students will obviously all be Spanish and I will need to be prepared to answer technical questions in Spanish! But looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Everything seems to be a challenge here at the moment, but slowly but surely I feel my Spanish is improving……. Every victory counts is my new motto. (Also the motto of an awesome Parkinson’s foundation set up by an ex-cyclist)

Speaking of cycling, the Vuelta a Espana arrives in Madrid on Sunday, and I can’t wait to go and cheer on the Team Sky boys! There are alot of pluses about living in Spain, that being one of them alongside cheap tapas, shops open til 10pm, and the fact that there is never a rush hour on the air conditioned metro…

Finally, a bit about other things I am currently working on… I am back in the UK in 2 weeks time, ready for production week of the show I started designing back in January, Cosi Fan Tutte ( ) I have finally finished all the designs so am looking forward to the excitement of seeing it all come to life.. I have also been asked to teach 4 hours of English classes a week here in Madrid, to primary and secondary school teachers. I am not sure when these classes will start, but I think its going to be another challenge! And finally, I went for an interview this week for a job with a small bilingual creative learning centre in the suburbs ( , where they specialise in teaching young children english through the arts, music and theatre. I went along to their summer school yesterday and took charge of the theatre section of the morning, doing some exercises and games with the kids (3-7yrs) which was a massive personal challenge but really great fun! Unfortunately, because of the distance and time commitments of my other jobs I won’t be able to teach there full time as they wanted.. but I am really hoping that they ask me back to take some one off costume and music workshops with the kids in the next term.

So its all pretty crazy here! I leave you with my current design project, this term’s flyer for the performing arts school:

Now I’m off to visit the posh shopping area of Madrid, Salamanca. I hear they have some good wedding dress shops…….

Hasta Luego!

Summer 2012
By Deborah at 5:40 pm on August 28, 2012

So the summer is nearly over! I haven’t written my blog for a very long time… Now that I have graduated, I intend to keep up my blog a bit more regularly. Since graduating in June, I have been very busy with several projects. I finished my Winchester project, and spent most of June sewing and sourcing costumes and props for that. The show took place in July, and unfortunately I was unable to attend but I hear it went well! Here are the final costumes:

Shoestring Shakespeare – Theatre Royal Winchester


The project was a really great opportunity for me, and I really enjoyed working with the director, Ryan, and meeting the kids in rehearsals, and just being alot more free with my design style. It was also nice to work with young people and doing something different. I look forward to working in youth theatre more in the future.

Meanwhile, my Cosi Fan Tutte project with Dorset Corset was continuing, and at the end of July I met up with my director and new supervisor for the show, Lois. Its good to have her on board, and we actually worked together on Dick Whittington last Christmas in Bury, where she was assistant supervisor and I was design assistant, so its really exciting we get to work together again, but in the next step up so to speak! We went fabric shopping at the beginning of August, and so its all starting to take shape which is very exciting.

Alongside these two projects, I also got my second paid costume job, working as a design assistant on a community dance project called ‘Landance in 2012′ a site specific project at Eggardon Hill in Dorset, a old hill fort site between Dorchester and Bridport. It was a really fun job, involving working alongside the costume designer Mel and another assistant Holly, to produce around 30 dance costumes, as well as working with the director Ella to do movement work. It involved alot of climbing up and down hills, not something I’m used to after 4 years of studio work… but really great all the same. Here is a link to some of the photos of the performances:  It was such a beautiful place :)

And finally, just to complete my summer of madness, I spent the rest of the time I wasn’t doing all those things (mainly July) volunteering as a ‘Games Maker’ down in Weymouth and Portland for the London 2012 Olympic Games… It was probably one of the most random but exciting things I have done in my life so far, and was quite hard in some aspects, but really great in others. I spent the first few weeks working in uniforms, fitting and allocating uniforms to other volunteers and technical officials.. (umpires, etc) and then I managed to get transferred to the Sailing Venue, working with the media team, basically standing at the edge of the water welcoming the athletes as they came in from their races and showing them through to where the media were waiting… plus talking to lots of journalists from all over the world which was really cool. One of my favourite jobs was watching the medal ceremonies live and close to the podium, and then driving the medallist windsurfers, male and female up to the press conference and chatting to them and holding their medals… what a memory :) It was especially fun because the male gold medallist decided we weren’t going fast enough in our golf buggy so pressed his foot down over mine and we shot off down the road with no control.. good times! As a windsurfer myself, it was even more special, particularly because the London games maybe the last time windsurfing is included as an Olympic event. On the penultimate day I got to go out in one of the media boats and watch the GB boys and girls win silver medals in their races.. and I didn’t have to pay anything for the privilege! It was also great whilst in Weymouth to see the rehearsal of the Weymouth opening ceremony, and see the Battle for the Winds and Breathe projects that have been running in collaboration with AUCB.

So that was the summer…. its flown by so quickly, I don’t really feel like I’ve had a holiday! I am now in Madrid, Spain, where I am going to be living for the next 12 months, working as an intern at a performing arts school in the city. I have been here for a week now and am getting used to the heat! Maybe I have had a holiday now…. :) I should start work properly next week, but in the mean time, I get to do my own thing in this beautiful city, which is such an incredible opportunity and I am very thankful for it. I also get to google wedding ideas all the time…. great!


Bye for now!

EMP – Cosi Fan Tutte – Director Meeting 4
By Deborah at 9:44 pm on May 9, 2012

Yesterday I presented my finalised ideas to Helen. As it is EMP hand in next week, I am currently balancing what she wants from me as the designer on a live production with what I need to do academically to pass my degree. I have been very busy recently getting all my work together and presentable ready for hand in, and have recently completed my set box, so I was excited to show her what I’ve been getting up to and see what her initial reactions to the set was. Even though we have been discussing it for months, and she had seen drawings of my ideas, it was the first time I had presented a set box, which is always more fun for a director to look at and much easier as a visual artist to explain my ideas with.

Using a set box to visualise my ideas always works well because it means you can get into the space and move objects around and just experiment with the different possibilities. I was especially looking forward to seeing what Helen thought of the backdrop, as my idea had developed alot since I had last seen her, and I had completely taken out my painted flats and groundrails, and opened up the back wall as it is at the moment, playing on the wartime theme and using the amazing broken, run down feel the building already has.

Thankfully, Helen loved all my ideas, and really loved the set box! She was a bit worried that I was getting carried away with my Italian theme, but its only a small issue that I will remedy after hand in and EMP are sorted. Mainly we chatted about the little details that could be added to make it even more exciting, and different lighting and costume queries. As far as costumes go, she was happy with my designs, and I just needed to figure out what the girls would wear for the wedding scene and a couple of other changes.

We also talked about rehearsals, production weeks and assistants. It’s all starting to come together and it’s looking very exciting!

I am very happy with how today’s meeting went, and now I just need to finalise all my designs and research ready for hand in next week. It was really good to talk through practicalities today with Helen, especially questions which as a director she would consider and I haven’t really thought about. I have learnt that when designing alongside a director, you need to think about everything especially when presenting designs as the director will always pick up on some tiny detail you haven’t even thought about! Costume designs need to be worked into and fabrics considered ready for the next time we meet.

EMP – Winchester – Rehearsals
By Deborah at 4:46 pm on April 26, 2012

On Tuesday I drove up to Winchester in the afternoon to meet up with Ryan and attend my first rehearsals to meet all the kids and present my designs to them. I was really looking forward to meeting the kids and seeing how the rehearsals were coming along, but also to show Ryan my designs and base costume and find out his thoughts.

I have been working pretty hard on the designs for the past few weeks, and as I haven’t seen Ryan for a couple of months had a lot to show him. In total there are 41 designs! It took a long time to print them all, but I presented them to him and thankfully he absolutely loved them. He liked the idea of the base costume, and we discussed getting the kids to bring in a black tshirt, sourcing the football socks and me making the bloomers. I need to look into hiring the ruffs, but that is something I can do after hand in. He also loved all the added bits and pieces for each character. As the actors change characters about every two minutes, they don’t have time for a full time costume change. Most of the characters are shown by hats or cloaks, but there are a couple of all cast numbers where they cool additions! Here are a few of the designs:

As you can see from my designs I took a completely different route with this project, in terms of costume designs and illustration style. I normally spend alot of time on my designs, being really precious about them, but for this project, because I am working on a youth production and had 40 designs to do, I needed a much quicker drawing style. I chose to make the characters almost like Roald Dahl drawings in my own style because it makes them more fun and eye-catching. When presented to the two kids groups they loved the drawings and it helped them to engage with the costumes they would be wearing.

Ryan also loved the bloomers I have made as a prototype base costume ready for hand in. Here is a picture of me wearing them:

The kids were excited about getting to wear them, and hopefully I will be able to source enough ruffs and make 30 pairs without too many problems!

The rehearsals went really well, it was great to meet the kids who were all very excitable. The first group was ages 8-12 and they were very loud and hyperactive! They were doing some really great stuff though and I enjoyed seeing the script come alive. The second group were the older ones, 12-15 years old and they were alot calmer, although not as quite as quiet as normal apparently! There were lots of questions about the different costumes, people asking about their specific costumes and it was good to chat through worries they had. The main thing I need to do now is start working on budget sheets for fabrics and start making the bloomers. I also need to source the football socks and ruffs and communicate with Ryan and Joe the production manager about props.

The meeting today was great because I was able to show Ryan all the final designs I have come up with. The chance to attend the rehearsals was an opportunity to meet the kids and get their reactions to their costumes, as well as seeing how the drama pieces are developing. It was lovely to see how the kids interact with Shakespeare’s work and the dancing and singing is coming along really well. Meeting the kids was a completely new experience for me, as presenting designs to a director is one thing, but presenting them to 30 young people aged between 8 and 15 is another thing altogether. They had a lot of different questions and worries, and I enjoyed seeing the ways their minds worked, seeing different problems to adult actors.


EMP – Cosi fan Tutte – Directors meeting 3
By Deborah at 5:54 pm on March 1, 2012

Today I met with Helen and Fiona again. It was the first time I had seen Helen since we had visited the new location so it was a chance for me to present some finalised ideas about how I want the space to look. I worked through the different aspects she had asked me to look at, the logo, the girls dresses and the set ideas and then we had a long discussion about which elements I would carry forward and which ones she would prefer I discard!

The logos were received well, we talked about the colours, and maybe making the writing stand out more. Helen said she would send me across the Dorset Corset logos and I would play around with the colour of the font, maybe introducing more of the Italian theme. She still wants me to change the T’s, so I need to do some ‘T’ therapy!

We talked about the set next. I showed them what my next artists impression was, using collage to show how I want the shelves to look. I also incorporated the War into the set by painting the flats behind the shelves:

Helen liked the new look I was going for, and especially like the idea of having barbed wire etc coming over the edge of the back.  She wondered if we could simplify it somehow, and make the backdrop less fussy, by having some areas of wall visible with clocks and assorted signs/advertising, instead of it all being shelves. It will also make the set dressing more cost and time effective. We discussed the possibility of having the sign post on the outside of the proscenium arch, and maybe having the lamp post wrapped around the corner of the arch, drawing the stage and the audience closer together. I introduced my idea of having the bar on tracking, so that it would move back to simulate a circular shaped arena for night time, and a bar area for daytime. Helen really like this idea, so I need to work on the technicalities of how we could move such a heavy piece of furniture without it damaging the stage etc. The idea of the rostra in the middle of the stage could possibly fold away for daytime, and I am going to experiment with mirrors and bunting to make it really glamourous.

I am really excited for this set, and now I have the measurements for the theatre, will start building my modelbox. I always find it much more useful to have the space to play around with, so once I have the model built I can start placing things in to see how it all works together.

We discussed the girls show costumes, and I showed Helen and Fiona the ideas I have had so far. They liked what I was working with, and we discussed the colours/fabrics. Here are the girls costumes so far:

The designs are what we are going with, so now I need to develop them further. I am going to London this weekend, and will be fabric sourcing on Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush. I look forward to getting into the shops and seeing the fabric possibilities! It’s always an exciting moment…

EMP – Cosi Fan Tutte – Location Meeting
By Deborah at 8:23 pm on February 23, 2012

Today I went across to the location that Helen is hoping to perform Cosi in in September. It was quite an important meeting, involving myself, Rebecca, Will, Helen and the owners of the theatre as well as a couple of other people involved in the development. Helen gave Rebecca, Will and I a tour of the space, and showed us all around the theatre. The space is amazing, recently being redeveloped but at the moment still quite run down. However, for the work we are doing, and it being set in the World War 2 time period, it is perfect and has an incredible atmosphere. I am really excited about using the space!

It was great to finally see where the action will take place, and a chance to finally get started on my modelbox. I just need to get hold of the ground plans. I also had a chance to chat to Helen again about the work I have managed to do so far. It was only a brief chat, but I showed her the logos I have got so far, and she liked how it is developing but wants me to clean up the image slightly. This is the logo at the moment, but it will probably end up changing:

I really like how it is progressing, but I agree with Helen that it needs more work. However, I am glad that she likes where it is going. One of the things that needs work is the colour. Green probably isn’t the best idea, plus it kind of reminds me of the Starbucks logo at the moment!

She also looked at the uniforms that I had drawn up and said that she likes the idea of them being in the navy, so that is the look I will now go with and develop more. She liked my idea of putting the men in traditional Italian folk costume when they get disguises, and the bar in the set she has already managed to source! The girls are still not glamourous enough, which is something I am finding really hard. With their designs, and with my set drawings, Helen said I need to be more crazy and out there, and less controlled. This is something that I find really difficult, so I am having to challenge myself alot with how I go about developing their characters and setting. It isn’t great, but definitely a challenge, so I am looking forward to pushing myself harder in my design work and really producing something amazingly creative!

It has been a long day, but I am glad that we finally have a venue to work towards and my ideas are getting more focused. I have been very vague with the location for the moment, as I am not sure how secret it is but it’s definitely an exciting one!

I learnt alot at today’s meeting. I am learning more about the professional environment through working on this project than I have through most of my work so far, so it’s quite a steep learning curve. It has been good to get out of the studio and my house and visit the location, and see what an amazing space it is going to be once it is all developed. It is really exciting to be present at the beginning of what promises to be a really inspiring for young performance professionals in the Dorset area in the future. I am learning alot about having a professional manner as well, and always knowing the answer to questions that are within your remit. It also seems important to know exactly what questions you need to ask and that you need to find out exactly what you want to know whilst you are with people, because it is never as easy following up things afterwards via email!